The Vanderbilt Touch
Vanderbilt Cabinets and Trim is a company that is known for its integrity and devotion to the finer arts of designing in wood. We never just "make do" to accommodate time or budget constraints. We analyze a project and provide an accurate, realistic estimate related to completion and price, then we stick to it. You will always receive the quality you desire with no surprising hidden costs. Working in fine hardwoods, Vanderbilt's artisans can create unique, custom components for a room or an entire home or complex. When your home or business requires the look that sets it apart from the rest...give it the Vanderbilt touch. Dennis Vanderbilt is the principal owner and driving force behind Vanderbilt Cabinets and Trim. His humble origins in west-central Arkansas contributed to the development of a strong work ethic and appreciation to detail. Always fascinated by construction, Dennis moved to Oklahoma City in 1973 and apprenticed with an uncle learning basic carpentry, cabinetry and finish work through new home construction.


Dennis started his own construction business in 1977 and became acquainted with Rual Robbins who eventually became his mentor. Robbins, a yacht builder and master carpenter, was responsible for many of the most elaborate up-scale homes in the OKC area. Dennis and Rual shared a devotion to art in construction and they worked together on numerous projects, Dennis learning the "tricks of the trade" along the way in design techniques, radius work, custom doors and moulding. Today, Vanderbilt has become a master in his own right, utilizing his unique artistic insights and broad, hands-on experience to create masterworks in wood.

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